Summarizing #HandFun2015!


Starting by Abstracts: There were 7 interesting Clinical Cases that some of our participants presented. We would like to congratulate them to make a Coffee Break possible to start the Meeting!!

Next stop was Splinting Competitions: The most original (for De Quervain, Rizartrose and Trigger Finger) and the fastest pencil adaptation for a thumb affection. Good results were obtained by 3 working groups!! Well done!

Tea time with Wim Brandsma: our international speaker! One of the most experienced Hand Therapists around th world explained us interesting tools for the current Hand Therapy! Including his latest articles!!! Unbelieveable!

The second day started by the hand of Ana Carreño: one of the first to introduce Wide Awake Surgery in operating rooms! She told some news about it and also explained its origins… Cool!

Joan Vendrell explained us the secrets to take nice pictures of our Hands! Participants now they know how to record their patients’ evolution by taking good photos of their hands…

3D printed finger for each participant: a nice wayt to learn finger’s anatomy! Building your own finger… It’s a nice tool to have in your clinic to use when explaining your patients what do they suffer of!

Rosario Baladrón from France explained us why are they using Vibrasens! We all discovered what is this made for and when can we apply it!! Trying it ourselves we could experience these magic «ilusions» which make us think and feel that we are moving without knowing it!

Discovering how do engineers design a Prosthetic Hand to be 3D printed can help us, as Hand Therapists, the mechanics of these new hands that lots of patients are obtaining nowadays!


Finnishing workshops by MAPS Therapy Online with Elena Ozaes: now you can make remote Hand Therapy Sessions with MAPS Therapy! MAPS Therapy!!!

To finnish the meeting Hand Fun Team awarded:

  1. The most interactive Abstract!
  2. The most original & fast Splinting Group!
  3. The photographer with more fame on Social Media!

Finally we all went together for a great goodbye party where nice ideas were born for the next Hand Fun Edition! READY?

Wim Brandsma, an expert and wellknown therapist specialized in neuropathies caused by leprosy… Take a look to his interview to know more about him!

Wim Brandsma, un reconocido y experto terapeueta especializado en neuropatías causadas por lepra… ¡Hecha un vistazo a su entrevista para saber más sobre él!


Interviewing Wim Brandsma

Entrevistando a Wim Brandsma

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