Kirtipur Model Hospital, Phect-Nepal (Public Health Concern Trust)

Years of experience in HT: 0,9.

Main areas in HT you’ve been working in:

Post burn contracture release, tendon repair, cut injury and tendon transfers.Monika

Main subjects that you’ve presented in a meeting?

  • Brachial plexus injury
  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy


Please, tell us more about you…

What was your first encounter with hand therapy?

As soon as I completed my bachelor in Physiotherapy I got chance work in Kirtipur Hospital, plastic surgery and burn department… So my 1st encounter case was Management of Post burn contracture of hand as well as management of flexor tendon injury following surgery.

What is the most important training you’ve had and where was it? Could you tell us some anecdotes about that?

Advance Burn Care Rehabilitation Training held at Dhaka, Bangladesh 2015 organized by INTERBURNS.

Personally, I felt my confidence level became high for treating patients after attending that training, even I learnt some new ideas, protocol.

In your opinion which is the book you think a hand therapist needs to have near her bed?

Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, A Practical Guide,3rd Edition. Author-Burke Higgins Mcclinton Saunders Valdata

Which article do you think is the most essential for a hand therapist to read? What did you find in this article that you want to share?

I think it is Journal of Hand. It involves in rehabilitation of disabling hand problems and functions as a source of education and information by publishing scientific and clinical articles.

Has your professional practice changed over the years? How did it use to be and how is it now?

It has been hardly 8-9months I started my work so it is difficult to tell about professional practice. One thing I felt what we study and what is written in book is difficult to follow same. When it comes to practical it will change at some level. There are so many factors which matters example- clinical environment, patient conditions.

In which projects are you involved in this moment?

As everybody knows Nepal is suffering these days due to earthquake so I am involved in treating the victims of earthquake.

In your opinion which are the next highlights for HT in the coming years?

I have seen more about McConnell approach for whole body and is designed to provide with understanding of biomechanical and manual therapy principles for the treatment of extremity overuse conditions. I think next highlights may be this McConnel approach and tapping for upper extremity as well as hand which might be useful in sports as well as overuse conditions.

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