Last week we found an interesting article* about the lesion that an smartphone can cause to our hands…

Talking with patients we all think that we are adapting ourselves to new technologies day by day so quickly! Next pictures show how 5th finger can suffer of collateral radial ligament sprain, which can became painful! A therapist of us can assure it:









Exchanging ideas with patients, PTs and OTs we all conluded that we need to adapt even more because this is the «next future»…

But then, a patient who where in rehabilitation said:

  • Okay, Ergonomics are nice to avoid this sprain… But I have ALLODYNIA in my 5th finger, so I have to change the mobile grip!! I cannot take the mobile with my 5th finger, because it’s more than painful!

She was completely right… She did the following demo:













Ergonomics never end…

…But New Techs will never end too!


* Read the article!

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