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The anual Meeting of hand Fun was successfuly done! Discover what was it about and be ready for the next edition!!!

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More than once per day, posts are published, shered and reviewed! New techs are nowadays our life escort…


Hand Fun promotes Hand Therapy through these courses that could be interesting to be a great Hand Therapist. Which seminar would you like to purpose?

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This is the open access platform to hand therapy world. Welcome to the new Hand Fun Meeting Blog!

Want to be up to date? We bring you contents  about Apps, news, workshops, curiosities, events, literature reviews and opinions… And all you can imagine about hand therapy. So, open your hands and take a seat!

Want to be in the loop? Here you will find open access to all information related to all kinds of Hand Therapy highlights for all collectives: patients, students, junior professionals and senior professionals.

Want to take part ? This is not only our platform, it’s made for all who want to contribute in the Hand Therapy world: Bring your own experience to exchange and let’s HT grow altogether. Because we can all be Hand Fun Friends!

Esta es la plataforma de acceso libre a la terapia de mano ¡Bienvenido al nuevo Blog de Hand Fun Meeting!

¿Quieres actualizarte? Te ofrecemos contenidos sobre Apps, noticias, workshops, curiosidades, eventos, revisiones bibliográficas y opiniones… Y todo lo que te puedas imaginar sobre la terapia de mano. Así que ¡abre bien los ojos y toma asiento!

¿Quieres estar al día? Aquí encontrarás acceso abierto a toda la información relacionada con distintos puntos clave de la terapia de mano para todos los colectivos: pacientes, estudiantes, profesionales junior y profesionales senior.

¿Quieres formar parte de la actualidad? Ésta es solo uan plataforma, está diseñada para todos aquellos que quieran contribuir en el mundo de la terapia de mano: Comparte tus experiencias y hagamos que la TM crezca ¡Porque todos podemos ser Hand Fun Friends!

Our Philosophy

Nuestra Filosofía


If we all look for something it will be more effective than if you look for it on your own.

Buscar entre todos da mejor resultado que burcar sólo.


Allowing professionals to share their knowledge of both good and bad experience.

Permitir que los profesionales puedan compartir su conocimiento desde lo bueno y lo malo.


Helping to develop new comprenhensive methods for hand treatments, promoting professional quality.

Ayudar a desarrollar nuevos equipos integrales de asistencia en mano, promover la calidad profesional.


Economical, informative, facilitating a balance between training, family and location.

Económica, con información, facilitando la conciliación familiar con la formación y cercanía.


All patients have the right to be well looked after, all professionals have the right to enrol in training.

Todos los pacientes tienen derecho a ser bien atendidos, todos los profesionales tienen derecho a formarse.


Knowing people’s hands brings us closer to them and their reality, treating their hands cannot fail to move us.

Conocer la mano nos acerca a la gente y su realidad, tratarla no puede dejarte indiferente.


Meeting people who share passions leaves unforgettable memories.

Conocer gente que comparta una pasión deja recuerdos inolvidables.


Sharing knowledge increases the value of those sharing it.

Mostrar los conocimientos aumenta el valor de quien los comparte.

Learn with us and make Hand Therapy Grow!

If you want to be a great professional... Follow your dreams and keep your life interesting!

Apps for Therapists & Patients

We all use Apps for comunication and socializing, but they have huge potential to help us in medical practice. So in the next few months we will be exploring, reviewing, demonstrating how some of these apps work and how they can help enhance our professional practice....

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Hand Therapy Whiz

– What: Anatomy/Lesions/Strength/Sensitive/Diagnosis tools - Qué: Anatomía/Lesiones/Fuerza/Sensibilidad/Reglas diagnóticas   – How: Classified in the main manu. Explained with graphics or small paragraphs. - Cómo: Clasificado en un menú principal. Explicado con...

All hands can talk and all hands can learn!

Silvio Tocco (Italy)

Institution: CENTRO RIABILITATIVO DALLA MANO ALLA SCHIENA - CRIMAS Years of experience in HT: 13 YEARS Main areas in HT you’ve been working in: TRAUMATOLOGY, DEGENERATIVE DS, SPLINTING Main subjects that you’ve presented in a meeting: SPLINTING, TENDON INJURIES, WRIST...

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A one, a two, you know what to do!

Most of the times, the whole range of motion is the main goal to achieve. Coordination between joints, muscles, professionals and patients is also needed to complete treatments. But the good RYTHM is the key to enjoy obtaining whatever! This video is a good example!  ...

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Finally the library and tips to grow as a Hand Therapist!

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New Techs & Ergonomics

Last week we found an interesting article* about the lesion that an smartphone can cause to our hands... Talking with patients we all think that we are adapting ourselves to new technologies day by day so quickly! Next pictures show how 5th finger can suffer of...

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